sequence of procedures

Pre-sintered ZYTTRIA Z401 WHITE TRASLUCENT, ZYTTRIA Z402 EXTRA-TRASLUCENT, ZYTTRIA Z402 EXTRA-TRASLUCENT PLUS and ZYTTRIA Z COLOR  components are processed using the following procedure:

  1. Insert the component on the milling machine support
  2. Program milling considering the final dimensions of the structure 
  3. Process the component with a tungsten carbide or diamond-point milling machine according to the manufacturer’s instructions of the system used
  4. Keep the product and tool clean during milling with jets of air or water
  5. Dry the structure with infrared lamps or drying ovens
  6. Before sintering, check the ceramic structure is undamaged
  7. Sinter the ceramic structure with a suitable kiln
  8. Remove the sintered structure from the kiln only after it has returned to room temperature
  9. Quality check with Concept MICROCHECK system that the sintered structures are free from microcracks
  10. Test the ceramic structure on the reference model, check its precision and, if necessary, make the appropriate grinding using water-cooled diamond-point turbines
  11. If necessary, sandblast the sintered structure with 60/100 micron aluminium dioxide at a pressure of 1-2 bar
  12. Clean the sintered structure with water. Do not use steam-jet equipments or autoclaves