Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating of bridges or crowns manufactured with ZYTTRIA® may be performed using standard ceramic available on the market for frameworks made of Zirconium Oxide with a thermal expansion coefficient (CET) of about 8.8 / 9.5.

The ceramic adheres on Zirconia not only for mechanical contraction , but also for chemical bond as for metal, even if a softer way.


In order to achieve good results a delicate sandblast of the Zirconia frameworks is recommended: sandblast the framework, after finishing, with Aluminium Oxide at 110 micron and 1 bar of pressure and clean with steam at 5 cm. of distance.

The surface of the framework must be well cleaned in order to be ready to be wet during stratification of ceramic.

The colouring doens't affect in any case retencion and resistance so that is useful to colour frameworks to hide the cervical edge that, with minimum ceramic layers, may have a white colour.

The liner works as a connector and  makes the surface of Zirconia ready to be wet . A transparent liner is recommended in order to avoid that, colouring uncoloured framework, the passage of light is stopped achieving a result which is not aesthetic.




  • Avoid finishing with separating discs the connections among teeth in order not to create cracks

  •  Don't use plates and brushes already used for other ceramics