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  • 100% Polymethacrylate Resin

  • Excellent chemical stability and biocompatibility

  • Available in  A2, A3, B1 colors  

  • Other colors of “Vita Scale” upon request



PMMA is suitable to create parts of dental provisional prostheses: crowns and small bridges of 4/5 elements. 




  • 100% Highly crosslinked polyamide resin

  • Biocompatible

  • High stability and resistance to shock

  • A2, A3, B1, CLEAR


Suitable to create crowns and bridges for provisional long-term prostheses, substructures that may be united with Pmma products.

CLEAR version is excellent to create Orthodontic bites, suitable to treat Bruxism by avoiding dental wear due to the friction of the dental arches and by reducing the stress of tissues that support teeth.

PolyCam requires milling with water cooling.




  • Fully castable Pmma.

  • It burns without leaving residue.

  • Useful for structural tests in the oral cavity before the milling of Zirconia.



Suitable to realize crowns and bridges by melting and overpressing.

Attention: This is not a medical device!





  • Castable wax to model frameworks created with the fusion technique
  • It burns without leaving residue

Attention: This is not a medical device!





  • Synthetic resin to create models by cad-cam milling

  • Excellent milling and dimensional precision

  •  Available in two different densities:

             - HIGH DENSITY (+) 

             - LOW DENSITY  (-)

Attention: This is not a medical device!












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