Not all Zirconia is the same


Discs and blocks made of Zirconia look identical from the outside but they are deeply different even if chemically similar.
Appearances are deceptive!

Pressing technology and raw materials used directly determine the technical characteristics, the funcional properties, the clinical performances and the durability of the prostheses.
Even if the same raw material is used, the final quality appears to be different according to pressing technology. 
Zyttria is manufactured with isostatic "single cip" technology", that is, the isostatic process is applied to each piece, in order to have a more densified and homogeneous device.

Isostatic "single cip" technology and purity of raw materials (Japanese powders selected for medical use) allow to achieve density and purity such as to reduce  porosity and defects, capable of assuring high performances, higher than others. This determines a significant increase of the long-term expected duration and reduction of the subcritical spreading of micro-cracks.
Zirconia Zyttria is characterised for:

  • dimensional precision
  • high resistance to acids and to chemical agents in the oral cavity
  • higher stability which delays deterioration and aging due to wear