Zyttria® Z COLOR ANTERIOR, high precoloured translucent Zirconia, increases the range of Zyttria® Anterior products designed for realising dental restorations in which a extremely refined aesthetic is required, that is the anterior area. 

With a flexural strenght  of 600 MPa, Zyttria® Z Color Anterior unites aesthetic qualities (see Zyttria® Z 403 ANTERIORto resistance and stability that make it suitable for realising dental restorations even in posterior or lateral areas (bridges with max 3 elements). 


  • homogeneous colour over the whole thickness : allows a uniform quality standard, indipendent from manual skill and technique used by the dental technician

  • save time and work: colouring and subsequent drying are not essential

  • opportunity to characterize the base shade with stain shades 


When you judge quality and beauty of an object, do not forget function (Plato)


Dental restoration has the aim of reactivating function and aesthetic of compromised dental parts.

Zyttria® Z Color Anterior, thanks to its technical characteristics (high mechanical resistance and resistance to aging), guarantees functional performances higher to those of Lithium Disilicate.


Colours available

A1 - A2 - A3 - A3.5 - B2 - C2 - D2 suitable for covering more than 80% of the color range.



  • individual crowns

  • inlays, onlays, veneers

  • bridges with max. 3 elements 

All restorations can be realised in fully anatomic version or layered with ceramic.



Dry or water milling, with burs suitable for Zirconia.


Sintering temperature

1450°C (see Sintering Cycle).



ZYTTRIA® Z MULTICOLOR ANTERIOR (available from April 2017)

Polychromatic six layers Zirconia with gradual color intensity for a "true to nature" aesthetic result.

  • Flexural strenght (STANDARD DIN EN ISO 6872): 800 + 100 Mpa

  • Sintering temperature: 1450°C - 1550°C 

Two chromatic variants:

  • A2 with colour gradient A1 - 2.5

  • A3 with colour gradient A2 - A3.5