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Multilayered isostatic zirconia with high translucency, with values of mechanical and fracture resistance that allow aesthetic and functional performance for a wide range of applications.

The super translucency associated with high values of mechanical resistance allows the creation of even extensive prosthetic restorations.
Super translucency

Naturally progressive in the different chromatic layers.

High aging resistance

High value due to crystalline structure with 30% cubic phase.

Mechanical resistance
1000 mPa in four layers and 600 mpa in the Enamel layer to enhance the translucency.
The mechanical strength associated with the resistance to fracture are suitable for large bridges.


Applications     Single crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, 3/5 element bridges.
                          The high resistance value at the base allows to realize
                           bridges up to 5 elements (1 missing) in the front area.
Colors               • A1 (A1.8-A0.5)* • A2 (A2.5-A1)* • A3 (A3.5-A1.5)*
                                 • C2 (C3-C1)*       • D2 (D4 - D2)*  • Bleach Bl1      • Bleach Bl3     
                          *Indicative values, approximated to the Vita® scale
                           Enamel area thickness > 3mm.

Characterization  In the green phase infiltration with colors AQUA-P ANTERIOR



Progression of chromatic intensity, mechanical resistance and translucency in the six layers



44th Moscow International Dental Forum & Exhibition 

Dental Expo 2018


24-27 September 2018

  HALL 5 STAND T114.1.4













Casablanca Medical  Expo 2018

19th edition

01-04 March 2018











22nd UAE International Dental Conference & Arab Dental Exhibition


6-8 February 2018










Italian  Dental Show

19-21 Ottobre 2017

Montichiari, Brescia 

Padiglione 5, Stand B07


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