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3D progressive multilayer isostatic zirconia
The predominantly cubic crystalline structure ensures a high degree of translucency and extraordinary resistance to aging properties.


Gradual colour, translucency and mechanical resistance from the incisal area
to the cervical area for a very natural effect,
aesthetics comparable to Lithium Disilicate.
Very high progressive translucency
Thanks to its exceptional translucency, it is a valid alternative to lithium disilicate.
High aging resistance

High strength thanks to the crystalline structure characterized by 50% cubic phase.

Progressive mechanical resistance

From 900 mpa (marginal part) to 600 mpa (incisal part), exceptional for the anterior area,

but also suitable for small posterior bridges.

Applications     Single crowns, veneers, inlays, onlays, 3/5 element bridges.
                          The high resistance value at the base allows to realize
                           bridges up to 5 elements (1 missing) in the front area.
Colors               • A1 (A1.8-A0.5)* • A2 (A2.5-A1)* • A3 (A3.5 - A1.5)* • A3.5 (A4 - A2)*
                                • C2 (C3 - C1)* • D2 (D4 - D2)*                              *Indicative values, approximated to the Vita® scale
                                Enamel area thickness > 3mm.

Characterization  In the green phase infiltration with colors AQUA-P ANTERIOR

Progression of chromatic intensity, mechanical resistance and translucency in the six layers






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